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    Having a Divorce is an important decision and can be an emotional and stressful time, which is why we are here to assist YOU every step of the way.

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    Financial Settlements

    We can help you to arrange a realistic and fair financial agreement and settlement which allows you to retain adequate assets and income to make sure you are provided for your future at the end of your married life.

    Division of Assets & Property in a Divorce can be very challenging

    Assets and Property

    Our negotiating skills combined with our advice and experience will ensure that you keep a fair share of any jointly owned assets such as house, properties or land between both parties. Your future financial health is of primary concern to us, so you can be assured we will work hard to protect your assets.

    Young girl worried about child custody in Singapore with Parent's Divorce

    Children Custody

    One of the most emotional aspects of any divorce is the continuing care and maintenance of kids or children. We can assist you in agreeing a reasonable level of maintenance, ensuring the primary interests of the children is met. We will proceed to negotiate a settlement which is fair and reasonable to both you and your spouse.

    Kind Words from Clients
    • “Wong Soo Chih delivers outstanding service. I really appreciate her patience in a very difficult and trying situation. I could not have hoped for a better lawyer to represent me.”

      - Maryane Owyong, Divorced mother of two

    Divorce is already very emotionally challenging without needing to understand the complexity of the divorce laws on your own.

    With our experienced and practised Divorce Lawyer, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complex divorce procedure, leaving you free to start rebuilding your personal life after the marriage ends.

    Achieve peace of mind by working with us to ensure that your affairs are dealt with efficiently and effectively.

    We work with you to ensure that you understand your rights and that you achieve your desired outcome from your divorce.

    We understand that legal jargon can be confusing and complicated, so we take time to explain matters in plain English and not legal speak to make you understand better.

    We understand how you feel and seek to allay any concern, issue or problems you may face about the divorce process.

    With over 28 years of experience practicing as a trial lawyer in the courts of Singapore, our lawyer has extensive experience in matrimonial disputes and family matters mediation.

    Her law practice also handles commercial and civil matters including international and local corporate insolvency, civil litigation, personal injury cases, debt collection, business disputes resolution, adoptions and probate.

    Our professional and experienced divorce lawyer can help you. Let us understand your situation and offer you a fair analysis and opinion.

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