How to Divorce in Singapore?

We will always recommend you talking things over with your spouse calmly before you decide to have a divorce. There is always the possibility of reconciliation through marriage counselling.

If you are just married and have not consummated your marriage, you can also consider annulment of marriage.

Do not take divorce lightly as you may be embroiled in a long journey with emotional stress and there might be traumatic effects on your children (if any) and affect your family. (Having said that, we will be coming up with more resources to help you in this journey.) An uncontested divorce is a very good option to consider too as it reduces the time needed and incur lower legal fees.

Once you are certain that you need to have a divorce in Singapore, there are a few things to take note of.

Generally, you will need to have been married for 3 years before you can file for divorce in Singapore. You or your spouse will need to have stayed in Singapore for 3 years preceding the start of divorce proceedings.

Only when your marriage has broken down irretrievably, then the court might grant you a divorce based on your reasons or grounds for divorce.

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